About Us

We believe we are called to be God's hands and feet in the world. Therefore, we believe we are called to help those in need, work alongside organizations within our community, as well as support those working in other countries to share the Good News. In doing so, we believe God will continue to bring restoration and redemption to Marengo and beyond.

Our Statement of Faith

We believe that God is the initiator and sustainer and continual lover and pursuer of creation. God created, designed, and set into motion the universe revealing God’s creativity. God created man and woman in God’s image and all of creation, including humanity, was deemed “good” by God. In the beginning, God, humanity, and creation were in harmonious relationship with one another.

However given the choice, man and woman chose to turn away and disobey God, seeking to become godlike and obtain the knowledge of good and evil. In doing so, all creation became estranged from God. Relationships between God, humanity, and creation were broken. This state of affairs was unacceptable to God. Because of God’s infinite love for humanity and creation, God set into motion a plan for redemption that was most fully revealed in the sending of his Son, Jesus Christ.

We believe in one God who is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful whose nature is kind, good, just, loving, and unchanging. God’s power and knowledge and presence are understood through a love that does not coerce, but woos and ceaselessly pursues. And in this understanding of love, justice is found.

We believe that Jesus Christ was fully human and fully God. Present at creation and the second person of the Trinity, as prophesied in the Old Testament, Jesus was the atoning sacrifice for the sin of all humanity (Jn.1:1-4, Is. 9:6-7). Through his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus reconciled our relationship with God. Historically, Jesus lived, worked, ministered, was crucified, buried, and physically resurrected breaking the power of death. Through his life, Jesus provides an example of being in complete communion with God and one another.

We believe in the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit as the counselor, comforter, and encourager of those who follow Christ (Jn. 16:5-15). The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf, helps us to interpret Scripture, and equips us to work toward peace, justice and reconciliation within world.

We believe the Holy Scriptures authoritatively communicates God’s loving pursuit of humanity. However, as humans we are limited in our ability to interpret by our culture, race, gender, experience, and place in history. We humbly approach Scripture relying on guidance from the Holy Spirit and the wisdom of those who have gone before us to discern God’s message.

We believe in the three persons of the Trinity, as one in essence, but distinct in personality. The relationship between the three persons of the Trinity gives us our model for Christian community. The outworking of this relationship is one of love, justice and service in reciprocal mutuality.

We believe the Sacraments to be a physical participation in redemptive history. They are signs of the “real presence and power of Christ.” Through the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, God communicates to believers God’s promises of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance and love as well as gives new identities and marks us for service in God’s Kingdom. Through the sacraments, God reminds humanity of our covenantal relationship with Godself and with others. Through Baptism, we become engrafted into the body of Christ. Through the Lord’s Supper, we remember and receive God’s forgiveness and reconciliation and with gratitude actively extend the same to others.

We believe in the great commission which teaches us to make disciples as we move through the course of our lives (Mt. 28:16-20). We believe that the mission of the church is to work toward social justice, not just feed and clothe the poor, but work to end structures that oppress our brothers and sisters in the world. We believe the mission of the Church is to be a witness of God’s reign in the world through love and justice.

We believe God’s reign is “present and that God is preparing the world for its’ ultimate redemption, the fulfillment of reconciliation” (Confession 1967, Part III). We believe that when Jesus comes again, God’s Kingdom will be brought to complete fruition (Rev. 21:10).